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Section A

1Marker for the Grand Opening Celebration of the S.A.V.I. Co. Tunnel: On April 14, 1892 a dedication ceremony for the newly-completed, concrete, Santa Ana Valley Irrigation Company tunnel was held beside the mouth of the tunnel, located at the northwestern-most corner of present day Eisenhower Park [see illustration from April 1892]. The water from the tunnel powered the first and second flour mills, the original mill which was located in the park. A brick monument marking the site of the celebration was erected by the Orange Centennial Commission on February 3, 1976 [see 2014 image at right].

  S.A.V.I. Co. Tunnel Grand Opening Marker

2Marker for the Olive Mill: On November 4, 1882 the Dillin (Olive) Mill began operating on the northwestern side of present day Eisenhower Park [see 1880s photo of the mill]. The mill burned down on September 29, 1889 and was rebuilt near the southeastern side of the irrigation pond—the park lake today—approximately where the Lakeside Professional Building now stands. On February 3, 1976, the site was marked by a brick monument erected by the Orange North Rotary Club [see image at right].

  Olive Mill marker, 2009
3Olive Milling Company: On April 8, 1890 the flour mill was rebuilt southwest of the irrigation pond, with easy access to the railroad [see image to the right]. The operations were sold to Central Milling Company on October 1, 1919, and the mill was dismantled in 1932. Lakeside Professional Building was constructed on this site in 1972 [see 2009 photo], but the building was demolished near the end of 2019.   Olive Mill, 1890

4The Brick Yard: In 1922, Harvey Garber opened the first brick yard at this site. In 1925, he sold the business to a company that would change its name to Mission Clay Products Company [pictured right in March 1967]. The Brick Yard Shopping Center [see 2009 photo], founded by Bruce Gelker, son of prominent citrus ranch owner Ben Gelker, appeared on this site in the early 1970s.

  Mission Clay Products Co., 1967
5Olive Hills Reservoir: Around 1963, a reservoir appeared off Nohl Ranch Road in the hills east of Olive Heights. In 1999, the reservoir was drained due to leakage. About 2010, a new water storage tank appeared on this site. On August 15, 2016, Olive Hills Dog Park opened in Olive Hills Park on 700 E. Nohl Canyon Road in Anaheim, CA, within close proximity to the reservoir [see 2016 image at right].   Olive Hills Park, 2016


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