Olive Through the Ages

Tour of Olive

The map on this page shows the Olive community and surrounding area, using the Olive Road District map of 1920 as a basis.

Take a tour of the Olive community by clicking/tapping the link (beneath the map on this page) for the section or page you wish to visit. In each section, the structures located in that area are marked, along with pertinent information.

Click/tap the map below to view it larger.

Section map of Olive

Click/tap the link to go to that section or page:

  • A = East of Olive Heights
  • B = Orange-Olive Rd. / Imperial Highway
  • C = Olive Heights
  • D = Lincoln Ave. / Orange-Olive Rd.
  • E = Fletcher Ave.
  • F = Orange-Olive Rd. / Meats Ave.
  • G = Tustin St. / Santiago / Meats Ave.
  • H = Glassell St. / Meats Ave.
  • I = Orange-Olive / Meats / Tustin St.
  • J = Katella
  • K = Glassell / Katella / Collins / Wanda

NOTE: Sections F, G, I, J, and K are yet to be built.

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